Announcement of Appointment Change 04/05/2020

Announcement of Appointment Change 04/05/2020

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When pastors are appointed in The United Methodist Church, they agree to be in an itinerant system, appointed wherever their bishop believes their gifts might best be used for the mission and ministry of The United Methodist Church.  In his few months with us, Pastor Shane has served faithfully here by providing stability, hiring a new administrative assistant, updating our website and social media, preaching well, and building relationships.  While he has done good work, certain aspects of this appointment are unsustainable longer term. 

In consultation with our district superintendent,

effective July 1, 2020 Bishop Malone will be appointing Rev. Shane Russo as pastor of  Braceville UMC in the Mahoning Valley District.  

We have been blessed by Pastor Shane’s leadership and know that he will be a blessing in his new appointment as well.  We will miss him dearly, but trust that the Holy Spirit is at work in the process. 

Our district superintendent will work with us and the Bishop and cabinet to discern who the next pastor of our church will be.  We will bring you another announcement after Easter when our new pastor is appointed. 

Please pray for Pastor Shane, Angela, and the boys as we move through the many changes soon to come.  Please hold the bishop, the cabinet, and our church leadership in prayer as we prepare the way for our new pastoral leader.  Please pray for our church to be faithful to God’s will and work through this time of transition.

Let us pray:

O God who is with us in all times and places,

Right now we feel more emotions than we can name in learning that Pastor Shane will be leaving to serve another church, and someone we don’t know yet will be coming to serve at Sebring.  Please send your Spirit to help us through this transition.  Bless the remainder of our time together.  Bless Pastor Shane as he prepares to lead the people at Braceville UMC.  Bless our SPRC and our district superintendent as they do the work of bringing in a new pastor.  Bless our new pastor, whoever he or she may be, and prepare us for each other.  Bless us, the people of Sebring UMC, and keep us faithful to you and what you call us to do.

We pray in the name of Jesus Christ, who calls all of us to follow him, amen.

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