In-person Worship Update (4/22/20)

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Hello Sebring

Below is an update from Bishop Malone regarding the status of in-person worship:

“In-person worship is still suspended pending direction from public health officials. Inviting the church back to the building will be contextual, phased, and very different from what it was before. You can begin thinking about the factors that influence your context: How many of your congregants fall into the high-risk category? How could you designate where people could safely sit, and thus how many can attend at once? What will you need to change about high-touch rituals like the offering, passing of the peace, etc.? We will continue to be guided by the principles of doing the most loving thing and preserving life. Because our church contexts are different both from businesses and from each other, we will have to think carefully, creatively, and ethically rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach.”

We love you all and want to make sure that we are as safe as possible when we get back in the building. 

Peace and Hope,

Pastor Shane


  1. A conscientious approach. One thing I’m sure of, I will need to curtail my hugs!

    1. What about offerings at the back of the church or a plate placed on a pew?
    2. I don’t like the idea of prepackaged communion, which seems terribly impersonal to me. Is that something we might need to do, without choice?
    2. Instead of using hymnals, how about using a screen? And a one-person handler of the projector? I recommend Jenn, since she did a phenomenal job for me. In fact, I’ve previously used the screen for the entire service, which might preclude the need for a bulletin.

    What to do about greeters, which are certainly important?
    How do we manage social distancing in the pews?
    What about Sunday School and nursery care?

    What about the possibility of worship services in our cars?

    Just a few thoughts that come to mind.

    • These are all questions to consider for sure. The childcare issue is definitely going to be one that dictates people’s ability to attend. In fact, all of these are concerns. They will be considered and answered before we gather again in person. The only one that won’t happen while I’m the pastor is worshipping in our cars.

      While I get wanting to be together, one of the reasons I go to a drive-in movie instead of a theatre is so that I DON’T have to interact with people or be bothered when they talk…or any number of things. The whole point of a drive-in is to see a movie on a big screen while not having to be with other people. Being closed off in a car is not worshipping “together.” We have to get out of this mindset that says that proximity = together. It doesn’t.

      Pastor Shane

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